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Regular Registration: March 7, 2023 ~

Registration Process

  • Step 1 Congress Website
    Sign up or Log in
  • Step 2 Click on “Registration” tap
    and fill out
    the registration info
  • Step 3 Choose payment method
    and make payment
  • Step 4 Check your email for
    payment confirmation
    (Successfully completed)

Registration Fees

Category Regular Registration (Mar.7 ~)
Physician, Trainee, Nurse, etc USD 250
Gala Dinner USD 50
*Group Registration for Gala Dinner (over 5 people): 20% Discount
Please download the registration form below and send it back to the Secretariat
by email (hbpsurgery@khbps.org) so that we can initiate your payment process.
[Group Registration Form for Gala Dinner]
  • -Overseas working in Korea: If you work in Korea, the same rules apply as for Koreans.
  • Please select your country as “Korea” when you register.

Payment Methods

Online Credit Card Payment

By selecting "Online Credit Card," you can pay online with an e-commerce system.
Microsoft Edge is suggested for online payment. VISA, Mastercard and JCB are accepted by the HBP Surgery Week 2023 online system.

Bank Wire Transfer

  • -Direct bank transfers should be made to the account below. All bank charges for remittance must be paid by registrants.
  • -Your Payment Status will be changed from ‘Pending’ to ‘Complete’ within two weeks upon clearance of your payment.
  • -A copy of the receipt of the bank remittance should be sent to the Secretariat by e-mail (HBPsurgery@khbps.org).
  • -Please note that the transfer must be made under the registrant’s name and must be stated on the receipt.
  • -If you would like to change the method of payment, you are requested to contact the Secretariat by e-mail (HBPsurgery@khbps.org).
  • -Bank Name: WOORI BANK
  • -Account Number: 1081-400-854793
  • -Account Holder: KAHBPS
  • -Swift Code: HVBKKRSEXXX
  • -국내 등록비 입금 계좌는 "Korea(국내)" 페이지를 확인 부탁드립니다.

Registration Confirmation (Receipt) & Invitation Letter

  • 1)An automatic confirmation email will be sent to you upon completion of registration. Registrants can check the status of registration and payment on ‘My Page’ by logging onto the online registration system. You will be able to print an official receipt from the online registration system once your payment is completed.
  • 2)How to confirm your status of registration and print an official receipt and letter
  • Step 1 Log onto the website
  • Step 2 Click ‘My Page’
  • Step 3 Click ‘Registration’
  • Step 4 Check the status & Download the documents

Cancellation and Refund Policy

  • 1)Only cancellations made in writing will be accepted.
  • 2)Written requests for cancellation should be sent by e-mail (HBPsurgery@khbps.org).
  • 3)The congress will refund registration fees to prepaid participants who cancelled their registration in the amount of the refund based on the date of cancellation.
  • 4)Refunds will be made by bank transfer after the end of HBP Surgery Week 2023.
  • 5)All bank charges are the responsibility of the registrant.
  • 6)Please refer to the following cutoff dates for cancellation.
Cancellation for registration: by February 28 100 % Refund
Cancellation for registration: from March 1 No Refund