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Starting from September 1, 2021, all travelers entering the Republic of Korea who come from visa-waiver and visa-free entry countries/ regions must hold a K-ETA approval by applying on the K-ETA website before their flight. Please visit the website and check whether the K-ETA is a compulsory requirement for your travel to HBP Surgery Week 2023.

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Invitation Letter

An official invitation letter will be sent by the Congress President of HBP Surgery Week 2023 upon request. This personal invitation is intended to facilitate travel and visa arrangements for registered participants.
Visa applications are the sole responsibility of participants. To request an official invitation letter, participants must first complete the registration process. In order to receive a hard copy of the invitation letter, the requester should contact the Secretariat by e-mail (hbpsurgery@khbps.org) and send USD 30 for postage to the secretariat.
* Please note that HBP Surgery Week 2023 will not issue guarantee letters under any circumstances to participants for visa purposes.
If you need any other documents, please contact the Secretariat.